Tempra Technology is a leader in the development of instant, self-heating and self-chilling product technology. Founded in 1992, Tempra has developed innovative products for food & beverage, medical, therapy, sports medicine, equestrian and consumer product markets.

Tempra was the first company to develop a completely functional, 100% safe, environmentally friendly self-chilling beverage can. Additionally, Tempra has developed self-heating technologies for hand-held foods such as soups, beverages, pasta dishes and sauces. Tempra also offers instant self-heating and chilling gel packs and a variety of thermal wraps. All of Tempra’s products are designed to provide instant, portable, safe, long-lasting thermal technology any time, anywhere.

These innovations have made Tempra Technology, a venture capital enterprise, ripe for growth and development. You can anticipate an initial public offering in the near future. Partnerships and licensing opportunities are available.