President’s Message

Dear Investors,

Tempra Technology is a world leader in the development of portable thermal solutions. Our Self-Chilling Can uses Tempra’s patented, self-contained refrigeration device and when activated the beverage will be automatically cooled by 30 degrees Fahrenheit in less than three minutes. This technology eliminates the need for ice or refrigeration of the beverage and allows consumers to enjoy a cold beverage when and where they choose. The process is safe and environmentally friendly, using water as a refrigerant.

To the best of our knowledge this is the only proven self-refrigerating technology which has neither adverse environmental impact nor consumer hazard associated with its use. Tempra is in discussion with several branded beverage companies and looking at the best steps to commercialisation of this product.

Our self-heating technology allows for the portable instant heating of shelf stable meals, beverages and soups without the use of a microwave or standard ovens. Anyone can enjoy a hot beverage or meal within a few minutes of activating the self-contained heating device. This process is also environ-mentally safe, non-toxic and cost effective. The company is currently in talks with major food manufacturers to utilize this heating technology.
Despite a difficult economic climate Tempra have continued to develop and improve their core products and believe that the time is now ripe to launch a new category of self heating and chilling packages into the consumer market.


President, CEO & Chairman