Self-Chilling Technology

Tempra’s Self Chilling Technology is based around one of two systems.

For low thermal capacity applications, such as the Cold Gelling Therapy Packs this is based upon a simple chemical reaction between a solid and a liquid component.This reaction generates a fixed amount of cooling and once initiated the reaction continues until it is fully complete.

For the Self-Chilling Can, the principles are those of evaporative cooling, similar to any home refrigerator


The self-refrigerating can uses Tempra’s patented, self-contained refrigeration device and when activated the beverage will be automatically cooled by 30 degrees Fahrenheit in three minutes. This technology eliminates the need for ice or refrigeration of the beverage and allows consumers to enjoy a cold beverage when and where they choose. The process is safe and environmentally friendly, using water as a refrigerant.

Best of all this system continues to cool without dilution as the beverage is consumed ensuring that the last drop is as cold or colder than the first !

To the best of Tempra’s knowledge this is the only proven self-refrigerating technology which has neither adverse environmental impact nor consumer hazard associated with its use.