Self-heating Food Packaging


Wherever you are, you can now enjoy the convenience of a warm meal or beverage.

With new advanced technology from Tempra, consumers can enjoy hot, hand-held food and beverages. Forget microwaves, hot-plates and toaster ovens. With just a simple activation, packages containing the Tempra self-heating technology, heat themselves to serve up a hot meal or drink at your desk, on the beach, in the car, at school, out camping…the possibilities are endless. Check out the new Tempra snack bowl heater Here

Consumers are ready, so are we.

Research proves consumers want on-the-go convenience. And, they want it fast. This safe revolutionary technology is self-contained, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. It can be applied to a wide variety of packages ranging from from stand-up pouches to trays, cups, and bowls.